Terms and Conditions

( EU Directive 2011/83 on Consumer RIGHTS )

These terms and conditions are for the purchase of products and services, carried out remotely via computer network at esalus.it owned Erboristeria SALUS.

Acceptance of general conditions of sale

The customer, by sending electronic confirmation of your purchase order, unconditionally accepts and agrees to observe in its relations with Erboristeria SALUS, the general conditions and payment transcribed below, claiming to have read and accepted all the information provided to him under the Directive mentioned above, and also recognizing that Erboristeria SALUS does not consider itself bound to different conditions unless previously agreed in writing.

Billing: The shipment is accompanied by a summary order, or an invoice, only if requested at the time of the order (by writing it in step 3 of the shopping cart and indicating the billing information). Under no circumstances will invoices issued after the shipment of the order.

Customer's obligations

These general conditions of sale must be examined online by customers visitors esalus.it before they execute their purchase orders.

How to Buy

esalus.it is a web site which sells herbal and natural products for wellness, sports, cosmetics and much more. Purchases of products, available as illustrated and described online in the relevant pages and techniques, are performed by the customer at the price indicated on the site at the time the order is confirmed, in addition to the transport costs as specified in the Delivery tab, and still displayed on the purchase. Before confirming the purchase, the customer will be shown the unit cost of each product chosen, the total cost when you purchase more products and related transport costs. Confirming the acquisition, upon completion of the transaction, the customer will receive an e-mail message containing the date, the total amount of your order and the details of the same.


The payment of the purchased products and their shipping costs will be paid by the customer when the order is confirmed by using one of the available credit cards indicated online via the Paypal payment system . Alternatively you can pay by bank transfer.

Cooling-off period

Within 14 working days of receipt of goods by the consumer.

Guarantees and defective products

The products purchased through esalus.it are subject to discipline, as applicable, referred to in the Consumer Code Legislative Decree 206/2005 on sales contracts and guarantees for consumer goods and, to the extent not provided for therein, the provisions specific regarding the Civil Code. These safeguards will apply to products that present lack of conformity (it is defined NOT COMPLY the product with different technical characteristics from that stated or different from the one ordered or incomplete in some or all parts). In addition, each product for sale on esalus.it is covered by the manufacturer's warranty (so-called CONVENTIONAL GUARANTEE) provided in the manner described.
- The lack of conformity is covered by a 24-month warranty. esalus.it provides, without cost to the customer, the restoration of conformity by repair / replacement. If, following the check carried out and should not be a lack of conformity pursuant to Legislative Decree 206/2005, the customer will be charged for any costs of verification, whether carried out by external laboratories as well as transportation costs if incurred by esalus.it . The guarantee is personal and will apply only to the original buyer, being restricted to direct customers and not to dealers, retailers, etc.

esalus.it reserves the right to cancel an order or an order item if the following conditions are met:

  • Items that are reported as out of print by the distribution companies.

  • Items that problems can not be delivered by suppliers.

  • Fraud credit card.

  • Incorrect use of these codes.

  • In particular, if for any reason the order will incur partial cancellations which would lessen the total amount below the minimum required for promotion or where the use of vouchers involves an overall discount greater than 50 % of the order, esalus.it will unilaterally to cancel the discount itself.

  • Fraud against esalus.it

  • Price changes by the supplier to the upper 10%.

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