About Us

Erboristeria Salus first opened in April 1992, and later opened a second store in 1995. Its aim is to make more people aware of the effectiveness of natural and genuine products, something well-known nowadays, but not at all at that time.

Our objective is to look forward and always be open to new technologies, keeping ancient wisdom as a starting point. For this reason, we consider the studies made since Hippocrates, Dioscorides and the Schola Medica Salernitana, until the Medieval Monks, who preserved this wisdom and further broadened it. We try to harmonise the best from the past with the best from the present.

The result is a range of products prepared with plants which were unknown in ancient European medicine, but that are being studied and developed nowadays. An example might be the Amazon rainforest, from where plants, fungi, flowers and mosses are still being studied for their composition and active ingredients. However, what we are most concerned with, is the knowledge of mixing plants. In nature, there is no 1+1=2 rule, sometimes it equals 0, and sometimes it equals 4 or even 5. This is to say, some plants do not like to be mixed, while some others become extremely effective if treated so. In ancient times, this was the basic rule every good alchemist knew, thanks to experimentations and tests.

That is where wisdom comes from!